Welders DC MMA Welders DC MMA
The range of electronic inverter MMA DC welding portable, compact and handy, they are designed to facilitate any type of maintenance work in SMAW welding, even under the toughest jobs. It can be welded to the current most metals: alloy steel and non alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron.
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WTL is the most important importers of inverter welding machines, welding machines for specific sectors and welding accessories.
The business organization, stocks, efficiency and professionalism of employees, can offer an effective, accurate and timely manner.
The sales network is continuously informed about the market, the agents communicate their needs and WTL timely reworks and meets the demands of its distributors.
WTL offers personalized service by providing its technical expertise to advise the best solution and most innovative.
WTL wants to be your ideal partner by offering an extensive variety of high quality welding, with a technical and commercial services prepared and a quick delivery service.